Monday, November 19, 2012

New Bead: Autumn Berry Vine


Autumn Berry Vine has rich fall colors of orange, purple and pink and a stunning rainbow dichroic glass with green and gold vines and red berries.  I love the bumpy texture of this bead and its festive colors go well for Thanksgiving and Christmas!
This weekend I made a rare visit to the local mall in Bangor, Maine and was able to check out the Trollbead selection of glass beads at one of the stores.   While some of them are very pretty, I am amazed to see that their work doesn’t have anything close to the quality of my encased floral beads.  They have a large selection of different style beads that are mostly of the solid color designs. Sometimes I will venture into making a solid color bead, but honestly I don’t have any talent in this area and end up with the ugliest beads.

 So I will continue to perfect my florals with that old philosophy of

 “If you do one thing do it better than anyone else”

and one of my newest favorite quotes “Do what you love and do it often.”

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