Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Endeavors

Having recently gone through a major life shifting event I have been thinking about the direction I want my life to go now.  I have been selling lampwork beads online for a while now and even though I don't have my bead business exactly where it should be I have been thinking of new endeavors to fuel my creativity.    One of these is helping others.    I often have people email me and ask "how do you do that?"  In helping others I have a collection of emails that I often send to them that I have reread and edited to the point that they are a wealth of information to anyone who would want to learn how to do lampwork processes that I have been performing for several years. 

So to keep me focused I will make a list here of articles I hope to be writing in the near future.

How do you make your beads? Are the designs painted on?

Can I do what you do on a Hot Head torch?

What do you use for equipment to Lampwork?

How do you core your beads?

How do you make encased florals?

Where do you buy your tools, glass, equipment from?

What does it take to make a living with lampworking?

Where should I sell my work?

How should I price my work?

What sites would you recommend to learn more about Lampworking?

That should be a good starting point.  If there is anything I missed please don't hesitate to let me know!

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